• Big Frame Revolver Chest Holsters...coming soon!

    Smith & Wesson 460/500, Taurus Raging Hunter/Judge...we hear you and are working on a design.  While we are not currently offering The Denali Chest Holster for these models, check back PLEASE, we are working hard on a larger design so that these hand cannons can have a home!
  • Great for fishing & hiking - The Denali Chest Holster

    Designed to be worn ANYWHERE and in any weather condition.  Stay safe, stay protected, and ALWAYS BE PREPARED with The Denali Chest Holster.
  • Easily Adjustable

    How easy is The Denali Chest Holster to adjust?
  • What makes The Denali Chest Holster BETTER

    Yes, we know, everyone says their "widget" is the BEST, the ULTIMATE, the ABSOLUTE must, why are we different? Put simply, our experienc...
  • Welcome

    Welcome to Diamond D Outdoors!!  We appreciate you visiting our store and our exciting line up of ballistic coated chest holsters.  We are an Alask...
  • How to select the BEST Chest Holster

    How to select the BEST CHEST HOLSTER? First thing to consider when you are selecting a gun holster is comfort.  Yes, there are many other things to...