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Holster Sizing & Fit Guide

We have designed the Denali Chest Holster to be the most universal fitting strap system on the market while still ensuring all day comfort.  By simply adjusting the 1" military spec nylon webbing you can slide the shoulder strap and innovative swivel back piece to line up perfectly on your frame.

Where should the strap system sit for a perfect fit?

Ideally the Denali Chest Holster is designed to be worn on the center of your chest over your sternum.  To accomplish this you can adjust the shoulder strap in the front or back to lower and raise the holster.  While adjusting the back of the Denali Chest Holster, make sure to slide the innovative swivel back piece to the center of your back.  This will ensure that the core of your body carries the weight of your gun and the holster doesn't sag or flop around.

If you have a pair of binoculars, camera, or game pack on your chest then you simply slide The Denali Chest Holster under your arm and out of the way.  This ability to easily and quickly slide the holster under your arm while still allowing for a quick draw is another added bonus to our design.

How tight do I need to get the fit?

When worn correctly, The Denali Chest Holster should be pulled snug against your rib cage.  This will ensure that the holster doesn't flop around but also when it comes time to draw your weapon that the holster stays in place for a QUICK & EASY ONE HANDED DRAW.

What about the excess nylon, I don't need that much?

No problem.  We have allowed for enough nylon to fit up to a size 56" chest (4XL).  If you fit the holster properly as described above and by our YouTube video, allowing for extra room in the winter for that thick parka, then you can cut off any excess.  Once you cut the nylon simply burn the ends with a match to stop any possibility of fraying.

I am a big guy, will this holster fit me?

Standard "out of the box" The Denali Chest Holster can be adjusted to fit up to a 56" chest (4XL) and a height of 6'8".  HOWEVER, if you need a bit more (6" or so) just select that option at checkout.