About Us


We are Diamond D Outdoors, a spin off of our parent company Diamond D Custom Leather, and the ORIGINAL makers of the ULTIMATE OUTDOOR HOLSTER, The Guide's Choice Leather Chest Holster.  We are passionate about being outdoors, shooting guns, and making a great product to do both.  Living in Alaska's "bear country" we understand the need for a quality, and most importantly COMFORTABLE outdoor gun holster to protect yourself ALL DAY!  We have used our decades of experience to build this company and customers trust.  All of our products are designed, tested, and used in Alaska.  We manufacture EVERYTHING in the USA and believe that if you want the best quality, you must not cut corners with foreign designs, parts, or quality.  Trust in us for your next purchase, we GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION.  

Put your trust in Diamond D Outdoors, we ALWAYS HAVE YOUR 6!