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Frequently Asked

These are a list of our most frequently asked questions, hopefully they can help answer the question you have, if not please email or call us directly and we will be happy to help! or 907-205-4429

Will my gun fit your holster?

  • Visit our sizing guide page for a more detailed description of all of the guns that will fit.  This list may not include all of the possible guns out there so if you don't see your model or frame at checkout in the list available please email or call us and we will be happy to help.

    Why should I trust your company over the "other guys"?

    • In short...EXPERIENCE!  After years of searching for a product that would allow us to fish, hike, backpack, and run around while still carrying a gun comfortably and most importantly, within easy reach we designed the Guide's Choice Chest Holster.  There was nothing on the market that even came close to this design and we knew that that had to change.  Since going to market with The Guides Choice® Chest Holster
       we have seen the demand for such a product and done our best to continue to fulfill that need.  As time has progressed, and other companies have attempted copying our design, we felt the need to create a less expensive but equally comfortable ballistic coated nylon chest holster.  After many prototypes, a couple years of field testing, and lot's of tweaking, we believe we have come up with the best alternative to our custom leather design, The Denali™ Chest Holster.  Named after North America's tallest mountain, The Denali Chest Holster is the result of years of experience, unrelenting drive for perfection, and our desire to produce only the BEST product on the market in all aspects.  We are confident you will find the end result to be unmatched in comfort, ease of wear, gun security, and the best thought out/designed chest holster available ANYWHERE.  With a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE you can feel confident in your purchase. 

    I just got my holster and it is EXTREMELY tight, I almost can't fit the trigger guard past the nylon.  Did I get the wrong size?

    • These holster, especially the semi-auto's, are designed to be very tight.  We have done this with purpose because it will stretch.  We don't want you to have a loose fitting holster.  Push your gun in the holster, make sure it is unloaded the first time you are fitting it, and leave it overnight.  You should also stretch and bend the holster around your gun.  This will help the holster stretch out and overnight the dense foam that we have will form to your gun and become a perfect fit.  It may be a little extra work but it is worth it to get a great fitting Denali Chest Holster.  

    How can I adjust your new Denali™ Chest Holster for a perfect fit?

    • We have put together a few, we hope, helpful videos on YouTube to describe the most commonly asked questions and what you should expect when you open your new holster.  Check out our YouTube page!  

    When you say "ultra-light", how light is The Denali Chest Holster really?

    • The average weight of The Denali Chest Holster is 13 ounces.  With this extremely light weight, rigid strength, and innovative strap system, you will barely know you are carrying your weapon.

    What is the difference between 1050 and 1680 Ballistic Nylon?

    • To put it simply, 1050 is MUCH BETTER.  Don't let the higher number fool you, the 1050 is much stronger, durable, and tear resistant.  The "other guys" use the cheaper 1680 but not on our holsters, only the BEST AVAILABLE.

    What makes your products different then the "other guys?"

    • Quality, experience, comfort, usefulness, fit...should I go on?  Visit our video comparison in order to see for yourself the differences and what makes our design and product THE BEST!

    Are you the same company as Diamond D Custom Leather?

    • YES, we designed the ORIGINAL leather chest holster, The Guides Choice® Chest Holster, with our parent company, Diamond D Custom Leather.  We have had over 20 years of experience making holsters for Alaskan, by Alaskans, and over that time have perfected the design and usefulness of our products.  We started Diamond D Outdoors to sell the same style but use a more universal fit of the ballistic coated nylon in order to capture more customer demand in the market.  We understand that not everyone is able to or wants to spend the high cost of a custom made leather holster so we wanted to make sure our design, quality, and experience can be shared with everyone at a more affordable price point.  By using our years of experience with holsters, guns, and the outdoors we are confident we have created the absolute ULTIMATE chest holster.

    Which size and model should I choose for my gun?

    • Visit our sizing chart page in order to pick the best size for your weapon

    What size chest will the Denali Chest Holster fit, I am a big guy?

    • We have made the Denali Chest Holster with EVERYONE in mind.  If you are a petite lady or a 4XL man, this holster will fit.  Standard "out of the box" the Denali Chest Holster is designed to fit up to a size 56" chest comfortably

    What is the difference between a single stack and a double stack?

    • First off this is for semi-autos.  A great example of a single stack is a 1911.  All the bullets line up in a "single stack" in the magazine creating a more narrow frame.  The double stack, Glock 20 and Sig P220 for example, carry up to 15 bullets that are staggered back and forth.  This ability to carry more rounds also requires the frame to be wider.   

    Can discount codes be combined?

    • Sorry, but we do not allow discount codes to be combined.

    Can you tell me more about the OPTIONAL foam insert for the Denali LIGHT Chest Holster?

    • We were trying to figure out how to make this holster large enough to fit the various lights and guns without designing and carrying 5 variations for the same general holster.  These foam inserts are the answer.  If you have a 4" barrel, 4.5", 5", 5.25", etc. these will allow your gun to sit in the holster high enough so that you will retain a full shooter's grip.  The variety pack comes with 4 pieces of foam that can be inserted into the bottom of the holster allowing a custom fit for your exact gun.  Some customers have lights that stick beyond the barrel, others don't, it doesn't matter as this foam will act as a filler.  Once fitted, you will be able to reliably holster your gun and ensure the perfect placement.