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Customer Safety and Information Sheet

Consumer Safety and FAQ Information


Treat all firearms as though they are loaded.  Any firearm with a live cartridge in the chamber has the potential to accidentally discharge.  Certain revolvers and semi-automatic pistols should only be kept with the hammer or firing pin resting on an empty chamber.  It is your sole responsibility to use and practice extreme caution when carrying or handling any firearm.
Always be sure the firearm is un-cocked before placing it in the holster.  Attempting to cock the firearm while in the holster or carrying a cocked firearm could result in accidental discharge.  Always point your firearm in a safe direction. During holstering or un-holstering your handgun, keep your finger out of the trigger guard and always place your thumb on the back of the slide hammer to prevent movement during placement.  Be certain it's properly seated in the holster and that any retention device is properly used.
Your Diamond D Outdoors holster is designed to fit the vast majority of firearms on the market.  We have made the Denali Chest Holster capable of fitting either a revolver, single stack semi-auto, or a double stack semi-auto.  With the variations in barrel length in order to not allow the end of your barrel to extend beyond the holster.  That being said, there are some XL frame guns that will not fit, for example, the S&W X Frame (460/500), Taurus Raging Hunter, Desert Eagle, etc.   If you are attempting to holster your firearm and it doesn’t appear to fit please stop and reach out to us in order to verify it is the correct holster for you.
You should in no way alter or modify your firearm or Diamond D Outdoors holster.  Doing so may cause accidental discharge.  Diamond D Outdoors holsters are designed and made to function safely and effectively with modern, high quality, factory equipped handguns.  Handguns using modified sights, target triggers, grip adapters or trigger shoes may interfere with the proper fit between the gun and holster.  Handguns with trigger shoes should never be used with any holster, due to the increased risk of accidental discharge that may occur and serious bodily injury or death.
Your new holster is easily adjustable.  Move the 1” nylon strapping to fit you comfortably.  You may notice some extra webbing which is normal.  Once adjusted to fit your body then you can cut the excess nylon webbing, either sew or burn the end, and you are all set.  The retention strap can be removed and placed in different locations deeper or shallower in the holster to help accommodate multiple grips and guns.  The innovative back piece can easily slide to either side of your body, or as designed, in the middle of your back for the most comfortable wear.  Adjustments and security is easy and by weaving the nylon webbing thru the predesigned slots you will have a comfortable, snug fit.
The determination of the fitness or the suitability of any product for a specific use is the responsibility of the buyer.  Your satisfaction is important.  If not satisfied with the workmanship or quality please get a hold of us right away.  We will do everything we can to make sure your purchase is exactly what you want and works best for you.


The most frequently asked questions can be found on our website,, along with video tutorials demonstrating many different techniques to solve common questions.  If you have any issues with your fitment, size, or anything else please visit our website for answers or reach out to us in order to help.  We strive to make each holster a perfect fit every time; however, if your gun, sight, or other mod is slightly different it may make a difference in the fit.  PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FIRST BEFORE CALLING, MOST QUESTIONS CAN BE ANSWERED THERE!


THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FOR YOUR PURCHASE FROM DIAMOND D OUTDOORS!  Please visit our website to see many more of our products and check back often for new products we are introducing.  We can be reached anytime via email to answer all of your questions.

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