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Semi-Auto Fit Guide

Will my Semi-Auto fit The Denali Chest Holster? 

The Denali Chest Holster is offered in 2 sizes and 2 barrel lengths (5" & 6") for semi-auto's.  We have separated the types of semi-autos according to your frame for the best fit of both the holster and the magazine pouch accessory.  If you don't see your gun on this list contact us!   

As an added bonus, and with no extra charge, THE DOUBLE STACK SEMI-AUTOS ARE FIT FOR REFLEX SIGHTS, MAKE SURE TO UPLOAD A PICTURE OR SPECIFY.  Even if you don't have a reflex sight, these holsters are designed to fit perfectly with or without, it won't change the retention or strength of the holster.  The SEMI-AUTO models will fit almost ALL gun manufacturer models, just select your gun and you are set. 


    The Denali Chest Holster is not designed to fit the XL frames of a Desert Eagle, LAR Grizzly Win Mag.

    Single Stack:

    This model is designed to fit the full size 1911 (without the rail) and smaller frames.  The 1911 is a slim design so we have made this holster to work great with that popular model and at the same time fit other narrow frames like the Kimber Micro.

    Double Stack:

    This model is designed to fit the vast majority of semi-auto's on the market.  The most popular of which being the Glock 10mm, Springfield XD/XDM series, Sig P220 series, and other similar models.  The larger frames of these guns will have a nice tight hold in The Denali™ Chest Holster and as an added bonus we have included a reflex sight cut-down standard on both of these barrel lengths (5" & 6").  Even if you don't have a reflex sight the holster is designed to fit "like a glove."  

    The Denali™ Chest Holster is designed to keep the rigidity all the way down the barrel and not allow for flopping or sagging.  Even if your barrel length is not the exact size of the holster, for example, if you have a 4.6" Glock 20, it will still fit GREAT in the 5" double stack semi-auto model.