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Sizing chart

Which size holster should I order?

Great question!  Each of the 13 Denali Chest Holster sizes are hand-crafted to be barrel length and style specific. 

For example, the semi-autos come in 3 sizes and the revolvers come in 10 sizes.  Both styles will fit the vast majority of guns on the market with our innovative design.

  • Select your style, gun, and closest barrel length.   Choose the barrel length that is the exact size or one larger (we don't want your barrel exposed and getting scratched!
How to measure your barrel length
  • That's it, now you may ask, will my model fit into this holster?  Again, great question!  Below is a list of our most popular models but you can choose your exact model at checkout.  If you don't see it then send us an email and we can verify it will work for your Denali Chest Holster. 
  • If you have an aftermarket light/laser/scope check out our holsters specifically designed for your set up.  The Denali SCOPED REVOLVER Chest Holster and The Denali LIGHT Chest Holster. 
  • Contact us if you have any questions.



You have the choice of up to 5" barrel or up to 6" barrel.  As an added bonus, and with no extra charge, SOME OF OUR SEMI-AUTOS ARE FIT FOR REFLEX SIGHTS, MAKE SURE TO UPLOAD A PICTURE OR SPECIFY.  Even if you don't have a reflex sight, these holsters are designed to fit perfectly with or without, it won't change the retention or strength of the holster.  The SEMI-AUTO models will fit almost ALL gun manufacturer models, just select your gun and you are set. 


    If you have a laser, taser, light, or anything else added under the rail it will not fit either, sorry.


    While this is a very extensive list of the gun models available it may not cover all models.  If you don't see your gun in the drop down menu at checkout contact us! 

    We have a few choices for reflex sight cut downs, 6", 6 3/4" (XL) 7 1/2", 8", 8 3/8".  Even if your gun doesn't have the reflex sight it will work great.  The Denali Chest Holsters design will keep the rigidity all the way down the barrel and not allow for flopping or sagging.