Big Frame Revolver Chest Holsters...coming soon!

We get the question almost daily...and we hear you loud and clear..."Do you make a holster for the S&W 500, S&W 460, Taurus Raging Judge, Taurus Raging Hunter?"

Our best answer so far is to check out our parent company, Diamond D Custom Leather.  Their Guide's Choice Chest Holster is a handmade leather chest holster and can be made to your exact gun.

All that being said, we are hard at work on a couple prototypes to expand on our current product line.  We understand the demand and want to have the ability to offer The Denali Chest Holster for those XL frame revolvers.  We are working hard to have the larger Denali Chest Holster model available for purchase prior to the holidays so PLEASE, check back, we want to earn your business!


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