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Custom Gun Holsters for Women: Tailored Solutions

Gun Holsters For Women: Custom Solutions from Diamond D Outdoors

When it comes to the best gun holsters for women, finding a product that balances safety, comfort, and style can be challenging. At Diamond D Outdoors, we specialize in creating custom chest holsters designed specifically for women. Our women’s tactical gun holsters provide easy access while ensuring a secure fit, making them an excellent choice for any female gun owner.

Why Choose Diamond D Outdoors?

Our chest holsters stand out in the market for their exceptional quality and tailored fit. Designed to meet the unique needs of women, our holsters are perfect for those who prefer a concealed carry option that is both comfortable and practical. Here’s why Diamond D Outdoors is the best choice for women seeking a reliable gun holster:

1. Custom Fit

Every woman's body is different, and a great holster must reflect that. Our custom gun holsters are tailored to ensure a snug and secure fit, providing the ultimate in comfort and functionality.

2. Comfortable and Secure

Our holsters are made from high-quality ballistic nylon, ensuring durability and comfort. While we do not offer kydex holsters, our products are designed for all-day wear without discomfort.

3. Stylish and Functional

Fashion doesn’t have to be sacrificed for function. Our holsters are stylish and come in a variety of designs, making them a popular choice for women who want to look good while carrying a concealed weapon.

Types of Holsters and Concealed Carry Options

While Diamond D Outdoors specializes in chest and shoulder holsters, it’s important to know the variety of holster options available and their pros and cons.

Chest Holsters

Our chest holsters are ideal for women who need to carry their firearm securely and comfortably. This type of holster provides easy access and can be worn under various clothing styles.

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are another excellent option, allowing for comfortable carry and quick access. They distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders, which is particularly beneficial for long-term wear.

Popular Holster Options

While we focus on chest and shoulder holsters, here’s a brief look at other popular options:

  • IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband): These holsters are discreet and offer excellent concealment but can be less comfortable for some women. Visit here for options.
  • Belly Band: A versatile option that can be adjusted to fit securely around your waist or hips, offering great concealment.  Visit here for options.
  • Thigh Holster: Ideal for wearing under skirts or dresses, providing a discreet carry option.  Visit here for options.
  • Concealed Carry Purse: Combines fashion with function, allowing you to carry your firearm in a specially designed compartment within your purse.  Visit here for options.

Pros and Cons of Different Holsters

Understanding the pros and cons of each type of holster can help you make an informed decision:

  • Chest Holsters
    • Pros: Comfortable, easy access, distributes weight evenly.
    • Cons: May be visible under tight clothing.
    • Visit here for options.
  • Shoulder Holsters
    • Pros: Even weight distribution, easy access.
    • Cons: Can be bulky under certain clothing.
    • Visit here for options.
  • IWB Holster
    • Pros: Excellent concealment, secure fit.
    • Cons: Can be uncomfortable, especially when sitting.
    • Visit here for options.
  • Belly Band
    • Pros: Versatile, adjustable.
    • Cons: Can be hot and uncomfortable in warm weather.
    • Visit here for options.
  • Thigh Holster
    • Pros: Discreet under dresses and skirts.
    • Cons: May slip or move if not properly secured.
    • Visit here for options.
  • Concealed Carry Purse
    • Pros: Stylish, discreet.
    • Cons: Requires carrying a purse at all times, slower access.
    • Visit here for options.


Designed Specifically for Women

At Diamond D Outdoors, we understand the unique needs of female gun owners. Our holsters are designed specifically for women, ensuring they provide the comfort and security you need. Whether you need a holster for daily carry or a special occasion, our custom solutions are tailored to fit your lifestyle.

​​Our commitment to quality means that every holster is crafted with attention to detail, using materials that offer durability and comfort. We know that women require holsters that not only fit their bodies but also align with their personal styles. Follow us on social media to stay on top of the trends and news of our site. 

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Choosing the right gun holster for women is crucial for safety, comfort, and style. Diamond D Outdoors offers the best in custom chest and shoulder holsters, designed to meet the specific needs of women. Explore our collection today and discover why our holsters are the preferred choice for female gun owners. Shop Today !