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How to select the BEST Chest Holster

How to select the BEST CHEST HOLSTER?

First thing to consider when you are selecting a gun holster is comfort.  Yes, there are many other things to consider but let's be honest, if your chest holster or any gun holster for that matter isn't comfortable you will not wear it.  


  • Easy to put on
  • Easy to adjust
  • Rides comfortably ALL DAY
  • So comfortable in fact, you barely know your gun is there
  • Fits your gun safely and securely
  • Easy to draw

How does the GUN FIT in the GUN HOLSTER

  • The "other guys" have a pouch that is a one-size-fits-all type of chest holster.  These generic, drop in bags are great for well....nothing.  You should have the ability to fit your holster to your exact firearm.  That being said, a snug fit is VERY important.  The chest holster DOES NOT need to be gun specific but more GUN FRAME SPECIFIC.

What material should the chest holster be made from

  • With the MANY different materials used in today's chest holsters it becomes very confusing, very quickly.  Some considerations to think of when selecting the material that is right for you:
    • Care
      • While we LOVE leather, there is more care needed to maintain the quality of the holster or care when it get's wet.  That being said it has been a proven material for centuries and if you have the money for the higher cost of a custom leather holster then we believe it to still be the finest material on the market.
    • Strength  
      • 1050 Ballistic Coat Nylon is the STRONGEST nylon material on the market.  The ballistic coated nylon is tear resistant, water resistant, and will hold it's firm shape for years
      • Plastic, kydex as some companies market it, is EXTREMELY RIGID, can easily scratch your weapon, and has been known to break when exposed to extreme conditions.  As a hip holster, or concealed carry holster, this material has found a popular following, and for good reason, with its retention and stability.  When worn on a chest holster with your body moving, bending, and flexing however, this material will not hold up to the comfort test when in the field.  Imagine hiking or being around dirty and sandy conditions, this fine dust and sand can easily find it's way inside the holster and scratch your firearm.

How should my gun fit in a high quality Chest Holster?

  • Your chest holster should be snug and secure within the holster.  The gun holster NEEDS TO FIT THE ENTIRE BARREL.  If the chest holster allows the end of the barrel to extend past the end of the holster it will 1) Damage the gun 2) Slow your draw 3) get caught up or hung up when passing the sight.  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, you NEED to be able to remove your gun quickly, and with 100% confidence that your gun WILL NOT get hung up.
  • Along with the proper gun fit in any chest holster, you should look to the fit of the holster itself on your body.  Your chest holster NEEDS TO BE FULLY AND EASILY adjustable for whatever you are wearing.  Anyone can adjust a holster and secure it for the same size, but it is also EQUALLY IMPORTANT to have the ability to adjust your chest holster throughout the day.  If you start off on a hike wearing a thicker coat and as you warm up need to take off that coat for a t-shirt, you should be able to slip your holster off, adjust your clothing, and easily put the holster back on.  This shouldn't take minutes or require tools.


While we have brought up a lot to consider when selecting the BEST CHEST HOLSTER we also think that this decision should not be taken lightly.  Our DECADES OF EXPERIENCE in the holster industry has afforded us the knowledge and experience to offer the best combination and solution to all of your chest holster needs.  The Denali Chest Holster is the BEST CHEST HOLSTER on the market and what we believe you will find to be the ULTIMATE OUTDOOR CHEST HOLSTER.