NEW Product Alert....The Hunter Chest Holster

We have nearly finished the prototype for those hunters out there using your revolver with a scope.  We KNOW handgun hunting is a very popular, and a frustrating hobby when you can't find anyway to carry that heavy hand cannon.  We have heard you loud and clear and have been working hard on a design that will fit the majority of guns out there (sorry, still no plans for the TC).

The Hunter Chest Holster is named (like our Denali Chest Holster) after the mountain just to the south of Denali (the tallest mountain in North America) and just like it's "big brother", this holster will fill a demand in the market.

A little about the design, we tried every way possible to do a cut down on the bridge of the holster but just found, thru multiple attempts, that the security, strength, and usefulness of the holster was compromised.  Instead, we chose to go with more of a protected pouch design and are excited that it will work with the huge majority of our customers requests.

  • The Hunter will fit revolvers out to a 8 3/8" barrel while still keeping the trigger guard fully covered.
  • The Hunter will fit 357/44/45/454/480/460/500 model guns.
  • The Hunter will cover your entire barrel and scope to help protect it from the elements.
  • The Hunter is designed to allow up to a 3" or so high scope mounted on top of the gun and being that it is nylon there will be some stretch to that.
  • The Hunter is most importantly comfortable and designed to take the weight of that heavy gun off your hip and shoulder, it will carry the weight over the core of your body for a comfortable, and hopefully successful day.

We should start production in the Spring of this year and plan to start sales just before the first ones are done.  Stay posted as we will announce it on our website and if you would like, sign up for our email marketing by setting up an account to be notified first.