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Welcome To Diamond D Outdoors !

Welcome to Diamond D Outdoors!!  We appreciate you visiting our store and our exciting line up of ballistic coated chest holsters.  We are an Alaskan based company and while our Denali Chest Holster is new to the market, rest assured we are NOT!  Our parent company, and us, have been in business making holsters for over 30 years.  We decided to separate this line up of holsters since our parent company, Diamond D Custom Leather, just specializes in leather goods and we didn't want too much confusion.  That being said, we are the same people, same expertise, and most importantly for you, the same high quality products making this newest holster, the ABSOLUTE BEST and ULTIMATE OUTDOOR HOLSTER that is not leather :-)

Please take a look at our images, and enjoy our launch pricing.  We guarantee that you will be happy with this holster or you get your money back.  You work hard for your money and don't want to waist it on a sub par item!  We understand that and rest assured, you will NOT be sacrificing anything.