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What makes The Denali™ Chest Holster BETTER

Yes, we know, everyone says their "widget" is the BEST, the ULTIMATE, the ABSOLUTE must, why are we different?

Put simply, our experience in the this space has afforded us DECADES of experience and knowledge for not only what works, but most importantly, what works BEST.  Our goal is not to sell the most products no matter the cost and quality.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the best option and hopefully with their trust in us, you will come to find that it is the BEST.

When it comes to chest holsters such as our Denali Chest Holster, we have been doing this for a long time.  It all started with our other company, Diamond D Custom Leather, where we designed, tested, and was FIRST to market with The Guide's Choice Chest Holster.  That was over 20 years ago and honestly the design has barely changed.  Since then many companies have attempted to copy the design, some in leather, some in nylon, and other in plastic (kydex).  We saw this industry trend to the more affordable material for the end user and resisted for a long time.  We finally decided "if you can't beat them, join them" and that is the start of Diamond D Outdoors.

We will have a video coming soon comparing our products to the "top" 6 other products on the market to save you time and frustration when looking at what product to buy. 


In short, if you want a piece of stiff/rigid plastic (kydex) on your chest with the potential to scratch your gun when exposed to dirt, sand, and junk there are options out there for you.  Yes, it is heat formed to your gun for a snug fit but in our experience it is not a comfortable option to wear all day on your chest, hip maybe, but not on your chest. 


To be upfront, WE LOVE LEATHER!  The Guide's Choice Chest Holster is an amazing chest holster and you will not find a better custom fit, handmade holster on the market.  The cost is high but so it the attention to detail and quality.  The downside of these products is cost, weight, and it only fits one specific model of gun.


There are many forms and level of quality when it comes to nylon.  Just feeling the difference is usually a tell tale sign but also trying it on for comfort is also imperative.  The different numbers can be confusing and misleading for example, 1680 vs. 1050.  You may assume 1680 is a higher number and better but in fact it is the exact opposite.  Many of the nylon holsters on the market are better described as "pouches" or "bags" to drop your weapon into.  We have created a firm fitting, high quality design that feels and looks like a custom fit.  This "custom fit" also makes The Denali Chest Holster, THE ONLY BALLISTIC NYLON HOLSTER that is designed for A ONE HANDED, QUICK DRAW.  

If you have any questions, concerns, or you have experience's that vary please let us know.  And like all of our products, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.